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“Green” label announced for small engines

The OPEA in association with the marine engine group AMEC have developed a label and information program to help consumers make an informed environmental choice when purchasing product with non-road engines.

Under the brand ‘Blue Sky Alliance’ the program is centred on a promotional label that will only be attached to low emission outdoor power equipment. An example is product that is compliant with phase 2 or phase 3 of the USA EPA Standard, which matches the emissions standards proposed for Australia.

It is planned that Australia will have non-road emissions standards in 2016, and the label will help Australians meet the future. 

The key message of the program is:

To help you make that choice today, look for our Green Label "Meets Proposed Australian Emissions Standards" 

  • If you care about the air we breathe, this is the label to look for.
  • If you are a manufacturer, this is the standard to meet to help you export.
  • If you are an Eco Tourism resort operator, this is the label to look for to meet your Ecotourism Australia certification.
  • If you are a boatie and want to meet the recommendations of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, then this is the label to look for on your outboard.
  • If you are a recreational fisherman and want to use restricted lakes like Lake Lenthalls or Wivenhoe, then this is the label to look for when you buy an outboard.


What do we mean by “proposed”?

The proposed standard that OPEA and AMEC have recommended for Australian non-road engines would see some harmful emission reduced by 90%. In our submissions to government we have proposed that Australia adopts the same standards as the USA.

In the Regulatory Impact Statement (government published document) they assumed the same USA EPA Standard. The Government’s Cost Benefit Analysis was also based on the USA EPA 2012 Standard. So the standard is proposed by industry and assumed by government.

It’s important to note that the new laws will only affect new machines, built or imported after a certain date in 2016 (yet to be declared). Currently available stock in stores; in warehouses, and purchased equipment; will not be banned. (The only exception is the boat access to certain lakes, which allow low emission outboards only.)

For manufacturers and Retailers

  • Your engine supplier can provide clarification on which products qualify.
  • Equipment manufacturers can ask their engine suppliers how to get approval to use our green label – or you can directly:
  • Some manufacturers will soon start to label products out of the warehouse.  If you are a manufacturer this is your invitation to join us now.  Start-up supplies of labels and artwork are all available free of charge.
  • Retailers are also invited to join the program and we can supply labels to get you started.
  • For more details and to contact us please visit


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